segunda-feira, 4 de agosto de 2014

the words of his song

Olhem, este poema de não-amor saiu-me em inglês, paciência.

the man´s in love with me
this stranger
sitting on a chair across the room
he's in love
i know it in the stillness
of his eyes upon
the movement my head
my smile
the way i sip my wine
he gazes
through the cigarette smoke
through the gin
and the high-pitched laughter
of the blonde by the stage
she's beautiful
but he's in love with me

he sings and
i see it in the tips
of his quiet fingers
hear it in the words of his song
he will not love me
love is a stranger
love is an unwanted stranger
so he'll lock his heart
in iron shackles
in shackles of silk
sing his songs of heartbreak
till the curtain drops
and take the blonde for dinner
of lobster and champagne

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