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The Heart of Christmas - romantic Christmas short stories (free ebook)

Desculpem, mas não vou fazer esta review em português. Os livros não existem cá, portanto quem não ler em inglês e não puder ler a review também não vai interessar-se por eles...

The Heart of Christmas

This is a set of three romantic Christmas short stories that I enjoyed reading in my kindle a couple of weeks ago. I had almost forgotten them because they were nice but not extraordinary... The ebook was free, if you're in the mood for this type of story (I always am around Christmas), check it out.

The Beginning, by Patricia Mclinn

A love story that happened "35 years ago", between Donna, a singer-dancer-actress in a roadshow, planning to make her way to Broadway, and Ed, a rancher-cowboy. Though it ended the usual way (the girl found out that being famous on Broadway wasn't really her dream, the boy was...), it is a delicious story set around Christmas. It warms the heart and I liked the characters very much, including some secondary characters. I actually wanted more!

Almost an Angel, by Judith Arnold

Connor, a widow, and Eliza, school psychologist, meet through his troubled little girl, Amy, a 9 year old child  trying to deal with the death of her mother two years earlier. It starts and goes on nicely, with Eliza dealing with her own pain (a cheating ex-fiancé) and afraid of being Connor's rebound, but wanting to help the child and then trying to run from the relationship. It's easy to undersatnd her fear and it's quite commendable that the author didn't try to solve this by making the dead mother a bad mother. Then it ends suddenly and very unsatisfactorily, It doesn't even feel like a real ending, but a sort of "lets rush this", with the man suddenly insisting a little ( very little) and Eliza accepting almost at once to "heal" together. It was far too easy and fast... a couple of pages, maybe. Perhaps it's just that I'd have a little more trouble dealing with the ghost of a loved wife, but...

Flashover, by Kathryn Shay

This is a story between a fireman and a widowed bookshop owner (whose dead husband was also a fireman), brought together by chance to plan a Christmas party for the children of dead firemen and women. They aren't kids anymore and the relationship builds slowly and nicely, spanning over a number of months, while the woman tries to win him over and the man deals with his ghosts from the past. It ends well, in a very natural and realistic way... in fact, it is all very realistic except, maybe, for the reasons for his pain... 

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